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I've Known Since You Were Three

All You Wanted For Your Birthday Was A Pair Of Sensible Heels

What do you want, Ladyface?
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Hi there, I'm Lili; I'm kinda my own biggest fan.

This journal is mainly for reading/posting/ranting about bandom,
squeeing over bandboys & bandgirls, giving reviews on
movies/live music/new tunes, and [for the flist] occasionally my
own RL thoughts. I do have tendencies to lurk in other fandoms
[mostly Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes]
but I only follow certain comms to keep my flist mostly clear.

I'm open to friending and random conversations, so don't hesitate
to drop by and leave me a comment. I like to beta, handhold and
chatfic; most chatfics, bunnies and WIPs are posted at ourdustyshelves,
which I use with dr_jasley

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